Nathan Hemming






During a week-long workshop in Venice followed by three weeks of studio work in Münster, my partner and I created plans for the design of a new Pavilion along the canal near the Giardini. This project was developed through an investigation of the elements present at the existing site - light, water, and sound conditions were studied and in turn shaped spaces and moments throughout the building. The pavilion responds to changing water levels, where light conditions of a room differ with regards to tidal fluctuations. Views are emphasized in two directions - a large glazed-in room looking towards the lagoon, and a narrow window with a view up the canal. The building form reflects the horizontality of the site and its external texture allows algae to colonize the façade over time.

- msa | münster school of architecture in cooperation with the Università Iuav di Venezia, 2010
Partner : Stefan Scheimaier